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Macon Supply has made our life easier. They keep our bins and shelves stocked on a weekly basis. Our maintenance crew loves it, as they always have material for weekend projects and unexpected repairs.

Local Industrial Plant

We were first introduced to Macon Supply by a Viega sales rep. We used this product on our first job and were extremely impressed with Macon Supply’s service and attention to detail. We now use them not only for Viega but for all of our additional PVF needs.

Mechanical Contractor

We use Macon Supply because they tell the truth. Plain and simple.

Local Utility Contractor

Our company makes machinery that is used in the United States and Canada. We have very specific requirements to insure that all of our machines are uniform and work as designed. Macon Supply understands our business and works hard to provide quality parts which help us achieve our goals. We consider them our partner as opposed to just another vendor.

Local OEM

We are a small community with limited resources and high employee turnover. Macon Supply is always willing to help and provide expertise when we most need it. Their prices are fair, and their service is excellent.

Local Mayor